January 2011 Chart

# Artist Song Label
1 Maximilian Skiba One To Pray To feat. Snax (Beg to Differ remix) Under The Shade
2 Erdbeerschnitzel Ultimate Margot 4Lux Black
3 Michael J Collins Nothing Wrong with Holding On (Soul Clap remix) A Personal Music
4 Nicolas Jaar Wouh Clown and Sunset
5 Death on the Balcony Cruel Banana Soul Clap FreE.P
6 Greg Palus, Guti, Ryan Crosson Time for a Change Supplement Facts
7 Erdbeerschnitzel In Their Eyes 4Lux Black
8 Marbert Rocel Mischa (Mathias Kaden Mischa Goes Deep remix) Compost
9 Shonky Le Velour Real Tone Records
10 Peter Funk & Kevin Yost Trust (Yost & Funk MOFDAU rework) I Records

Mural by Dasic Fernandez