Joshua McFarren

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Personal Bio

Father, husband, programmer, photographer, art lover, hacker, cook, baker, maker, street art fan, typography geek,  washed up dj/promoter, sailor, designer, and part-time optimist.

Professional Bio

Joshua McFarren has over 17 years experience as a director, project manager, full stack developer, dev ops engineer, and interactive designer. He has built everything from focused e-marketing communications to multi-user scalable data-driven web applications.

As technical director, Joshua oversees the technical team and is involved in all interactive initiatives, ensuring that the client’s business needs are met and that the creative team’s vision becomes reality. As project management director, Joshua manages the project managers and sets standards and processes to create efficiency and quality. In his dual role as technical and project management director he is able to direct the creation of custom tools to more efficiently traffic and produce work to higher standards through processes, software, and automation.

Joshua studied at Skidmore College and School of Visual Arts, and prior to joining Underline he founded and ran a successful boutique design studio.

Specialties: Web application programming in PHP, Perl, jQuery, AJAX, MySQL, HTML, and CCS. Apache and GNU/Linux administration. Standards based responsive web and email development. Corporate identity, book, editorial, print and web interface design.

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